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Knoedler  produces High Quality Truck and Bus Driver’s seats for many applications. Our program includes seats for economic practical applications, low profile seats for special applications and top of the line Hand Made Ultra Luxury seats that use our special Poly-Dynamic air suspension system. We pride ourselves in using good, solid and proven components in our seats. This translates into top quality that can be felt and that makes a difference in comfort, which certainly improves the driver's working environment every single day.
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X 12 LUG NUT WRENCH   800-332-4450
RIGGUARD is a cost effective solution for front end protection, keeping your semi safe from costly repair and dreaded downtime from front end collisions. The RIGGUARD  will stand up to numerous animal collisions and the toughest road conditions, with little or no damage.  The RIGGUARD folds down easily for engine access. 
The Av-Tekk brand means Av-Tekk solutions. Our brand has been revolutionizing the charge-air cooler industry since the very beginning. We have made it our mission to improve the durability and experience of all diesel charge-air coolers. With our amazing Heavy Duty Bar and Plate designs Av-Tekk is constantly working to improve our brand through the
quality of products we provide. Even now when the industry is asking more of its diesel charge-air coolers, Av-Tekk's products stand above the rest.
BETTER TURBOS FOR HIGH HORSEPOWER CATERPILLAR ENGINES, is the online home of the "New" heavy-duty turbo for high horsepower Caterpillar engines. This new heavy-duty turbo has been specially tooled to decrease a common cause of turbo failure with your high horsepower Caterpillar engine “Specifically in models using the 3406E and early C15 engines”. This specific turbo is not available through the Caterpillar network, but only through the list of dealers shown

Since 1950 the Diesel USA Group of companies has been in the diesel service and parts distribution industry. With current operations at six locations, our OEM diesel parts distribution, service and repair capabilities reach most of the United States. We provide products for most diesel applications including charge-air coolers, turbochargers, fuel injection systems, electrical components (starters and alternators), performance diesel parts and engine controls.
Seat Specialists is the leading authority on specialty replacement seating for commercial truck seats, tractor seats, construction seats, surveillance seats, mobile command seats, pick up truck seats, automobile seats, truck seat parts and accessories such as comfort seat cushions.  We also carry some highly specialized 24/7 operator office seats for those that spend a lot of time behind the desk or in the back of a mobile command/surveillance unit rather than behind the wheel.  We provide the aftermarket seating essentials for a safe and effective work environment whether you are driving a truck or in a control room.
We offer mattresses for ALL truck manufacturers!

From the economical Everynight Road Deluxe to the luxurious Road Premier, featuring a special lofted quilt top cover that provides a cooler and plush feel over conforming memory foam, we have the perfect mattress for you.

Our uniquely designed mattresses ensures a restful night’s sleep in your semi truck sleeper by letting our customers choose the right personal density needed.  All mattresses go through quality assurance before leaving the warehouse; every mattress meets strict U.S. fire codes, are hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and easily cleaned!